Meet The Heims

Welcome to the blogging home of Heim Dairy Farm! We are an 80-cow dairy about 50 miles northwest of Kansas City.

I, Jennifer, have no idea how I got here.  I was an Illinois farmer’s grand-daughter who went to college, got a couple of degrees, and escaped my small town when my structural engineering career brought me to the big city.  Then I met this dairy farmer.

We met shortly after my move and first bonded over a mutual love of college sports.  At that time, I knew very little about dairy farming, but before long I discovered a previously untapped love for cows.  We now have two young sons, Dominic and James, and I often find myself trying to wear a few too many hats juggling the demands of my kids, career and farm.  I also love to cook and have recently become addicted to audiobooks.

My husband, David, left home for college, but quickly made his way back to the farm after graduation.  He loves ice cream and spends much of his day listening to podcasts on all sorts of topics on a self-proclaimed “quest for knowledge”. He is a phenomenal dad and makes me laugh every day.

We live on the farm, just steps from our milk barn, and I have continued to commute to Kansas City daily.  We milk and breed Holstein and Jersey cows and raise our heifer calves as replacements. We also grow corn, soybeans, hay, and other forages (mostly for feed), and we have an extremely small (but growing) cow-calf beef herd.

Here you’ll find the whole story – a little bit of everything making up this crazy ride called life!

If you’re not getting enough Heim time from the blog, we’re also on Facebook, and you can follow me on Instagram!

4 thoughts on “Meet The Heims

  1. If I can grow the show along the way here in Wisconsin, I might one day like to include your story in an upcoming episode of, “American Barn Stories and Other Tales From the Heartlands”. Website is Maybe we’ll talk someday, and good luck to you on it all — I really enjoy your blog, which I found through Dairy Carrie’s blog here in Wisconsin — keep on!

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