Oh Hey There…

I started the process of resurrecting the blog a few months ago, which basically seems almost as ancient as my last post here, given the changes we’ve seen in the last several weeks, but here we are.  Since I last hit publish, we’ve had a couple of kids, and life has generally moved forward.  My active role in the farm has taken a backseat to both motherhood and my engineering career.  Honestly, I miss it, and I’m trying to get reinvested in that as well, but I also miss writing.   I spend a little time in some Facebook groups for moms, and I see a lot of misinformation about food and food production in that space, and it has really reignited my passion for sharing real life stories from a real life farm. I also, generally, have a lot to say and kind of need an outlet.  At the start of 2020, milk prices were trending up for the first time in roughly 4 years (maybe for real this time?!), my kiddos are gaining some independence (3.5 and 1.5), and I have had a little bit of time to potentially dedicate to something else.  And now…COVID happened, and I don’t even get out of the house for work, so I’m here, on the farm, at my desk in the dining room with too much to say that the little ears I usually have available just can’t process.  There are also farms all over the country dumping milk while our optimistic pricing forecast basically burst into flames and grocery stores can’t keep dairy on the shelves (hello, irony…)

I’ve tried before to stick to a posting schedule, and that’s just not my style, so I’m not going to make a promise I can’t keep.  The storyline will likely look a little different (reflecting the changes in our lives), but the thing about living on a farm is that it’s always the framework of the story, even when the story has nothing to do with farming, so the name and tag line remain.  Part of the process that started earlier this year included finally registering our domain (heimdairy.com) and updating my bio.  I also re-categorized old posts to fit what I envision the basic framework of new content to be, and I came up with four “buckets”, if you will: Cows and Crops, Kids and Family, Recipes and Cooking, and Everything Else.

If you followed long ago, and just got an email for the first time in years, hopefully you’re still interested in stories from a small dairy outside of Kansas City. And if you stumbled upon this page in 2020, feel free to browse some old posts and follow along for new content.  And, the first *real* post of the new era here at HeimDairy: The Whole Story is already up (because I made sure to write ahead before posting this one 😉).

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