Introducing: Heim Dairy Farm

This post is a little overdue since we made our debut in January, but better late than never, right? For those of you who may not already know us, you can read a little bit about who we are on the About Us page.

We are Jennifer and David Heim, and we operate a conventional dairy farm in Northeast Kansas (near Kansas City). Today, we milked 91 Holstein cows. The exact number of cows being milked varies somewhat frequently depending on dry-offs, freshening (calving), and other factors. We also keep all of our heifer (female) calves and raise them as replacements, and we raise crops, most of which are used as feed for our cows and calves.

I mentioned that we kicked things off in January, but I should note that cows have been milked here for a long time. David’s grandfather, Harold, bought this farm in 1941 and started milking cows not too long after. More recently the farm was owned and operated by David’s father and uncle, but his uncle had been looking to get out of the dairy, and as of January 1st David and I took over the business officially.

Harold and Martha Heim Home, 1944
This is a picture of a picture of our house as it looked when Harold and Martha purchased it.

Our dairy isn’t new, most of the buildings are old and in need of repairs. The barn at the top of the page is the “White Barn”, built in 1912. Our herd isn’t the latest and greatest in genetics, but we recently bred our first second-generation AI (artificial insemination) heifer. Our house was started in 1883, and added onto several times. It needs as much work as anything, and probably one more addition. That’s what this blog is about. Over the coming months and next several years, we are going to work on all of the above and share our story here. We’re excited for the challenges that lay ahead, and can’t wait to start seeing our hard work pay off.

7 thoughts on “Introducing: Heim Dairy Farm

  1. You can count on me as a fan of the Heim Dairy Farm Blog! Love the old photo of the house. I don’t remember ever seeing it!

  2. Great job sis. Sounds like you guys got a pretty good thing going. Hopefully we will get out there in the future to learn first hand.

    1. Hey I kind of stumbled into your blog, and realized I know of the Heims. I don’t know any of you personally but have been by your place in the past. I’m a Holton from tonganoxie. We milked till ’09.
      Anyway I think it’s wonderful you and your husband have taken over the farm. In our area dairies have been dying for many years, ours included. It is a very rare thing for young people to return to the farm and keep it going. I really hope you can make it work and wish you the best of luck

      1. Thanks for commenting and following, Daniel. I know of the Holtons as well. In the past we purchased bulls from your family. Thanks again, and maybe we’ll see you at the county fair or something.

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