Are all women equal?

For generations, women have been fighting for some version of equality: property rights, voting rights, representation in the workforce, compensation for work, managerial and executive representation in the workplace, the list goes on and on. As I noted a few weeks ago, I think we’ve made a lot of progress.

Last week Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States. I am not afraid to admit that I share many of her viewpoints. I listened to a lot of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings that were livestreamed, and I was extremely impressed by both her poise and her intellect. To be honest, I kind of found myself fan-girling over a judge, and even I thought that was a little odd. Upon consideration, I realized that was because it’s rare to see a conservative woman in the spotlight, and in my opinion, she shined.

I know there is a lot of controversy over the decisions made to put her in this position, but can we set that aside for a minute? I think anyone who can’t admit that the opposing party in the Republicans’ position would’ve done exactly the same thing is unbelievably naive, and at no point throughout this process did Judge Barrett lower herself into the political fray. She is a woman who was offered a huge career opportunity, one that every person with the knowledge to make such a judgement agreed she was unquestionably qualified for, and I think it assinine that anyone asked her to refuse it. No one gets a second chance at an opportunity like that. Regardless, she is now a Supreme Court Justice.

I know people take things personally; I’m not pretending I was a cheerleader for President Obama’s appointments. If you’re too hurt over the process to see this strong, smart, successful woman as a role model for the children in your life, fine. I hope you’ll come around. I also think your anger and frustrationg would be better focused on politcians than Justice Barrett, but I digress.

What pushed me to write this post was not listening to male senators who’ve been in office far too long talking down to a younger woman they seemed eager to put in her place, though that did make my stomach churn. It was reading that the Girl Scouts of America published social media posts including photos of the ONLY FIVE female justices we’ve EVER had and congratulating Justice Barrett, and that they not only recieved partisan political backlash, but so much so that they removed their posts. As I understand it, a lot of posts from a variety of organizations and individuals were removed for similar reasons.

I would think, though, that someone would and should be celebrating the fact that women from different walks of life can achieve success at the highest level in their chosen field. Are all women not equal? Certainly we are each unique, but are we not all challenging similar biases? Are the successes of some less triumphant than others? Should I not be promoted because of my personal religious or political beliefs? Isn’t that kind of treatment exactly what we’re trying to overcome?!

If you consider yourself tolerant or inclusive, but feel the need to disparage those who think or vote differently than you do, please take a look in the mirror.

Congratulations, Justice Barrett. I pray for your continued success in interpreting the law and upholding the Constitution. May you and your family be blessed and safe through this tumultous time.

I also pray that our nation will begin healing from this cruel division in the coming months, and that it will continue to be a place of freedom and opportunity for ALL.

What are your thoughts?

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